Ken Hawick's Graduate Students and Projects

This file lists the PhD, MSc, MPhil, and other graduate student projects I have supervised. And is also a convenient place to put up some photos of the research group...

If you have an inquiry about PhD study, contact me. Generally, I am willing to supervise projects in any of the areas covered on my WWW pages. Otherwise I may be able to suggest a colleague interested in a particular topic.

The Computational Science Research Group, outside Swale House, which was our base while the Robert Blackburn building was overfull. David, George, AlexR, James, Lee, Phininder, Mariusz, Ken, RyanS, Andrew, RyanM, Danny, Albert, 1 August 2017.
The Computational Science Research Group at Leicester Space Centre - from the left: front row: Craig, Ken, Phininder, David, Lee, Nina, back row: Danny, Mariusz, Liam, Anth, 16 September 2016.
The Computational Science Research Group playing chess at Bletchley Park - from the left: Phininder, Daniel, David, Russell, Ken, Lee, Liam, Craig, 25 September 2015.
The Computational Science Research Group at "The Deep" aquarium in Hull - Craig, Mariusz, Anth, Declan, Russell, Dumal, Danny, Liam, Ken, Dan - September 2014.
The inaugural Computational Science Research Group (CSRG) at the University of Hull - from the left: Dumal, Russell, Mariusz, Anth, Ken, Liam, Danny, Craig, Phininder, Declan - 12 September 2014.
We finally do a proper group photo - taken at the IIMS Postgraduate Conference, Massey University, New Zealand, 26 October 2012. Suit Up! TimL, Dan, Mitchell, Ken, Brad, Alwyn, Victor, Jeremy and TimM.
Arno, Ken and Dan in Academic Regalia on the occassion of the award of Arno's and Dan's Doctorates, 17 April 2012.
Complex Systems and Simulation Group - "Photoshoot" at Auckland Zoo" - Victor, Ken, Dan, Brad and Tim - in February 2012.
Part of the "Complex Systems and Simulation Group" - Victor, Mitchell, Dan, Andy, Ken, Guy and Arno - in December 2010.
Another subset of the "Complex Systems and Simulation Group" - Gligor, Ken, Teo, Dan and Matthew - in December 2009.
The "founding Complex Systems and Simulation Group" - Arno, Ken, Dan, and Anton - researching some deep problems with the assitance of caffeine, at the Altura Cafe in Albany, New Zealand.

The Bangor group - John, Nidal, Les, Jon, Ken, Christie, Rob, Heath and Ade. Taken on an "image archive acquisition trip" to Chester Zoo in 2002. Heath was my former grad-student from Adelaide and joined Bangor as a lecturer. He co-supervised this group of graduate students. Christie was my trusty PA and helped manage the Centre for Advanced Software Technology (CAST), which paid the bills for several of this group of students.
When we were younger! Jesudas, Ken, Heath, James, Katrina, Craig and Andrew at the Tidbinbilla deep space tracking network site in Australia. Taken in 1997 during a workshop trip. (I'm the one with the beard!)

at University of Hull

Doctoral Students:

at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand (2003-2013)

Doctoral Students:

Other Postgrad Students:

at University of Wales, Bangor, Wales, UK (2000-2003)

Doctoral Students:

at University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia (1996-2000)

at Syracuse

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