Technical Report CSI-0032

Simulating and Optimizing Power Consumption Models for IoT Devices

K. A. Hawick and J. A. Walker

Archived: 2017


Components on the Internet of Things come in many forms from identificatiopn tags through passive sensors to control and interaction devices. As the IoT approach becomes more prevalent the number and range of devices is growing and the issue of powering many weidely distributed devices becomes an important issue. We consider the energy consumption consequences fora large scale network of IoT devices as they might be laid out in a static or dynamically changing self configuring ad hoc network. We explore various adaptive and static power consumption strategies using both graph science and multi-objective optimisation approaches. We describe various hybrid placement strategies wherby a mix of low and high powered devices can potentially simplify as well as improve the performance of a spatial distribiution of identification, sensor, and control devices.

Keywords: IoT; power conservation; devices

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