Technical Report CSI-0020

Simulating Diffusion in Porous Media using Assymetric Geometry Kawasaki Models

K. A. Hawick

Archived: 2016


Diffusion of gaseous and liquid material through porous media is an important phenomena in materials science particularly for use in preferential diffusion process related to enrichment. We employ an assymetric geometric arrangement of the Kawasaki model to consstruct bar samples of porous media through which lattice gas models can be diffused and for which percolation properties can be studied. We illustrate the model geometry with digital renderings but also demonstrate how 3D-printed artifacts can be constructed, showing the internal structure of model systems. We present results showing the transtional behaviour in the percolation properties and rates as the porous density structure is varied. We discuss how porous plugs with similar properties to that simulated could be used to study quantitative diffusion and preferential gaseous enrichment rates.

Keywords: percolation; Kawasaki model; diffusion; bar; porous plug

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