Technical Reports

The Computational Science Investigations(CSI) Technical Reports series was started as a convenient grouping and location for a series of reports in the general area of computational science. The list was started at The University of Hull, in July 2014. The list follows on in a direct sense from the earlier CSSG series at Massey University in New Zealand and also from the DHPC technical note list from The University of Adelaide in Australia.

The links below point to abstracts, which in most cases link on to PDF versions of the notes. If the note has been published elsewhere, citation information is also included. Citation information for all these online reports is also given in the BiBTeX file: csi.bib.

In some cases, where material remains commercially sensitive or is not finalized, only the abstract is provided. Contact Ken Hawick in case of queries.

CSI-0096: A Review of Prosumer Level Unmanned Drones Hardware and Associated Technologies
A. Johnson and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0088: Complex and Emergent Spatial Phenomena in Large-Scale Simulated Wealth and Trading Model
K. A. Hawick and O. J. Scholten and R. J. Spick

CSI-0087: A Review of Computing Software Technologies for Games and Gaming
K. Barr, C. Kerwin and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0083: Tools and Methods for Scientific Workflow of Numerical Experiments on Large Scale Lattice-Oriented Simulation Models
R.J. Spick and O. J. Scholten and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0077: Domain Specific Aspect Languages for Runtime Inspection of Program Families
C. A. Maddra and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0076: Hybrid Bridge-Based Memetic Algorithms for Finding Bottlenecks in Complex Networks
D. Chalupa and K. A. Hawick and J. A. Walker

CSI-0073: DEFIne: A Fluent Interface DSL for Deep Learning Applications
Nina Dethlefs and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0069: Spatial and Temporal Complexity Comparisons and Scalability Investigations of Eden-like Simulation Models using Lattices, Lists and Trees
L. R. F. Odiam and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0068: 3D Printing for Visualisation of the Complex Physical Structures of Agent-Based Simulation Models on Lattices
K. A. Hawick, L. R. F. Odiam and L. A. D. Stockwell

CSI-0063: Using Blockchains for Distributed Logistics Supply Chain Management
J. W. Dixon and S. Penazzi, A. R. Ramudhin and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0062: Simulations of Structural Asymmetries and Dimensional Dependence of Scaling in the Screened Eden Model
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0060: 360-Degree Navigation and Mapping in Caves and other Enclosed Hazardous Structures
A. Dulian, J. A. Walker and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0058: Projectional Editing in support of Agent-Based Modelling and Network Science Simulation
D. S. Fleming and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0055: Computational Methods for Finding Long Cycles in Complex Networks
D. Chalupa, P. Balaghan, K. A. Hawick and N. A. Gordon

CSI-0046: Critical Flow Values, Degradation and Systems Failure of Water Distribution Networks
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0045: Modelling and Simulation for Quantifiable Greenport Optimisation Aspects of Windfarm Operations
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0042: Algebraic Approach to Compositing Hypercubic Data Transforms in Memory and Abstract Storage
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0039: A New Algorithm for Parallel Connected-Component Labelling on GPUs with CUDA
D. P. Playne and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0037: Graph Models for the Scalability of Interacting Devices on the Internet of Things
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0035: Erosion Model Simulation using Kawasaki Diffusion Dynamics
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0032: Simulating and Optimizing Power Consumption Models for IoT Devices
K. A. Hawick and J.A. Walker

CSI-0031: Detecting Motifs and Lattice Animals in Agent-Based Models on Lattice and Graph Structures
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0030: A Practical Review of 3D Printers and Digital Manufacturing Technologies
K. A. Hawick, L. A. D. Stockwell and L.R. F. Odiam

CSI-0028: Numerical Investigation of Critical Systems Failure in an Agent-Based Percolation Model for Fused Conductive Links
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0027: 3D Print Technology for Cellular Agent-Based Growth Models
K. A. Hawick, L. A. D. Stockwell and L.R. F. Odiam

CSI-0026: Offshore Wind farm Network Connectivity Analysis and Optimisation using Graph Algorithms and Metrics
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0023: A Review of Virtual Reality Headsets for Virtual and Augmented Immersive Reality Applications
A. Johnson, L. R. F. Odiam and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0022: Big Data Analytics using Graph Algorithms on Graph Databases
P. Balaghan and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0021: Domain Modelling and Language Issues for Family History and Near-Tree Graph Data Applications
C. A. Maddra and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0020: Simulating Diffusion in Porous Media using Assymetric Geometry Kawasaki Models
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0019: Concise Specification and Algorithms for Generating Families of Test Networks and Graphs for Benchmarking against Real World Big Data
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0018: Agent-Based Models for Analysing Cybersecurity and Privacy Protocols amongst Maritime Shipping Vessels
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0017: Betweenness centrality and Individual and Hub Importances in Social Network Graphs
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0016: Axelrod Models and Cultural Transfer between Well-Mixed and Pre-polarised States of Multiplex Networks
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0015: Scaling Properties of Minimal Spanning Trees in Simulated Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0014: Dominating Set Algorithm Implementation in Graph Databases
Phininder Balaghan and Ken A. Hawick and David Chalupa and Craig Maddra

CSI-0013: Trust and Reputation in Diffusion-Based Spatial Repeated Trials of the Prisoners' Dilemma Model
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0012: Metapopulations, Multiplex Networks and Spatial Patch Segregation in Schelling Models
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0011: Zoonomic and Spatial Diffusion Effects and Limits in Epidemic Models on Networks of Networks
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0010: Automatic High Performance Structural Optimisation for Agent-based Models
A. V. Husselmann and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0009: Meaningful Touch and Gestural Interactions with Simulations Interfacing via the Dart Programming Language
T. H. McMullen and K. A. Hawick

CSI-0008: Software Tools and Initial Population Sensitivity and Epochal Cycle of Four Generalised Game of Life Cellular Automata through Simulations
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0007: Modelling Flood Incursion and Coastal Erosion Using Cellular Automata Simulations
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0006: Neighbourhood, Geometry and Initial Conditional effects on Fairness and Agent Longevity in Large-Scale SugarScape Models
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0005: Dominating Effect on Spinodal Structure Behaviour of the Giant Component Cluster in Simulations of the Kawasaki Diffusion Model
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0004: Neighbourhood Size Dependence of Cooperator Cluster Emergence in the Spatial Volunteers' Dilemma
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0003: Role of Connectivity and Clusters in Spatial Cyclic SIRS Epidemic Dynamics
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0002: Centrality Metrics for Identifying Network Fragility in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks and Synthesized NK Systems
K. A. Hawick

CSI-0001: Multiple Species Phase Transitions in Agent-Based Simulations of the Schelling Segregation Model
K. A. Hawick